How Do I Choose the Best Automatic Sewing Machines?

How Do I Choose the Best Automatic Sewing Machines?

Whether you are a seamstress by trade or you like to compose your clothing, you will most likely appreciate an excellent automatic sewing machine. This allows you to draw many types of stitches and even customize some patterns, embroider and program the actions performed according to the patterns. In addition, it has the great advantage of working with all types of materials, from silk to jeans.

Best Automatic Sewing Machines Features

How Do I Choose the Best Automatic Sewing Machines?

To find out more about these high-performance machines, you can read the guide below, inspired by the most informed opinions about the best automatic sewing machines.


Electric sewing devices can be controlled either by the wire pedal or by using an electrical panel. When you buy the product, you will have to insert the thread into the machine to reach from the knob to the device’s needle, passing through the tension discs. For a good positioning of the thread, the needle must be as high as possible, and the presser foot is as high as possible. When you operate the pedal, you will notice how the thread joins with the one in the bobbin, forming the seam. However, this is the mechanism in general, so it is essential to consult the instruction manual, as the process may differ for each model. Newer automatic machines incorporate a microprocessor that stores the stitch pattern, which you can then select from the digital display and print on canvas.

Type of stitching

Among the simplest are the straight ones, the ornamental ones, in zig-zag, the buttonhole ones, the embroidery ones and the surging ones, the quilting and carping ones, etc. These are part of the basic program of the car and can be combined so that several dozen stitch variants can be obtained. Usually, the choice of the model is made by rotating the wheel, which is ergonomically arranged so that it can be operated easily. In addition, it can be inscribed with stitch patterns, making it easier to choose the desired program.


It is supported by several technical features, which facilitate the sewing process. Thus, the control buttons must be at hand to select them easily, and the one for starting/stopping it is necessary to be visible and easy to operate. The presser foot must be adjustable so that you can use it on textiles of different thicknesses without the risk of clogging or hanging the material. The possibility of inserting the wire automatically between the ears of the needles will save you from many frustrations, and the existence of a lamp will give you optimal visibility in the work area. Also, if the object is provided with a digital display, it must be large enough for the representative programs and symbols to be easy to read. Also, if you work with oversized lingerie,

If you are eager to create your first garment, don’t waste any more time and head to the place where most people find automatic sewing machines at a good price, which is on the Internet. On the shopping sites, you will find a much more varied range of products, and these can be accompanied by numerous offers and discounts, which you can take advantage of.

Minerva M10B

This is an automatic, cheap, and good sewing machine that can be used by all people who want an efficient machine but do not require a very high investment. It is easy to use, so it is ideal for beginners. The maximum working speed is 800 stitches per minute. It is equipped with 12 basic stitching programs. You can perform simple and decorative operations, quilting and carping, stitching with hidden hem, and elastic thread for materials knitted. You will also be able to work with both fine and thin textiles and thicker ones.

As it weighs only 5 kilograms, you will be able to maneuver the car with increase. In addition, it has lighting, which will allow you to have optimal visibility on the selected programs and the materials you use and the stitches you make. The Minerva model comes with a series of accessories, among which we can list an adapter for embroidery and stop, three spools, a set of spare needles, a quilting guide, a felt disc, secondary capita support, and an oil tube for lubricating the mechanism, as well as a screwdriver for the needle plate.

When you no longer use the device, you will place it in the protective case to keep it safe. Besides the very advantageous price offer, you will be glad to know that it also has a 2-year warranty period.

Toyota SUPERJ15

Toyota comes with a high-performance automatic sewing machine, ideal for those who work with hard materials, such as jeans. We tell you from the outset that the press foot can slide up to 12 layers of folded trousers to give you an idea of the device’s efficiency. In addition, in addition to the delivery set, five more types of presser feet are included: for hidden seams, for buttonholes, zig-zag seams, for overcasting, and sewing zippers.

SUPERJ15 is, of course, a very versatile model, being provided with 15 basic programs. With this machine, you will be able to make zig-zag stitches, surfacing and repair, festooning, hidden hemstitches, etc. Also, the position of the needle can be brought left or right, the length of the step can be extended up to 4 mm, and the width up to 5 mm. It must be said that it is an ergonomic device, which you can use without too much difficulty, as it is provided with lighting, the switch button is at hand, and one of the major advantages is that it will save you the hassle of inserting the wire yourself the ear of the needle, as this step will be done automatically.

Accessories also include a power cord, an instruction manual, a program CD, and a protective cover. If you want this car, find out that it offers an advantageous value for money.

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