Games for the birthday of 40 years for a man, a woman

Throughout life, a person is faced with the celebration of birthdays. On the eve of any birthday, quite a few summarize what has been done over the past years. Therefore, in order to cheer up and give more positive, people celebrate birthdays quite noisily. Anyway, forty years is not old age. At this age, a large number of people are quite actively involved in many events, go to cinemas, and love fun gatherings. At this age, quite a few have already been able to form family life, raise children and earn a certain position in society. Many at this age hold high enough positions at work.

The preparation for the birthday must be taken seriously enough. As a rule, not only close relatives are invited to this holiday. Friends and colleagues who have been communicating with the hero of the day will want to come to the birthday in order to congratulate the birthday person. It is best to spend birthdays in restaurants. Thus, you can avoid the rather complicated procedure of making a menu for guests. But the guests who will be at the celebration of this holiday should not be bored. But the holiday itself should be remembered by everyone on the positive side for a fairly long time. A variety of events that will be held during the celebration can help you with this.

In order for a holiday to be cheerful enough, it is necessary to draw up its script in advance. It is in it that all Games and contest that will be held will be spelled out. Such events will perfectly be able not only to entertain guests but also to raise their festive mood. You will also need to pay considerable attention to how the hall will be decorated in which the birthday celebration will be held. It should have the most striking decoration. For this, as a rule, many balloons, flowers, and greeting posters are used. The festively decorated hall will be able to delight the person who is celebrating his birthday greatly.

Games held on birthdays

All the 40th birthday games held on birthdays do an excellent job of raising the guests’ spirits. After all, people who are forty are still quite mobile. The game called “Candy” is very interesting and sweet. For its holding, the leader of the anniversary will need to set two tables in advance. You will need to install a vase on each table. On one table in a vase, there will be candies of different colors and without packaging. In the second, you will need to put candy wrappers.

The number of players can be any. All participants in the game should stand near the tables, and as soon as the music sounds, they will start wrapping candies in candy wrappers. Thus, there will be a small pile of sweets near each player. After the vase with candies is empty, the leader must count all the candies in each pile. The player who was able to wrap the most in candy wrappers is the winner. He should receive an incentive gift. It could be a box of chocolates. The rest of the players will receive those candies as a consolation that they could wrap themselves in the packaging.

A game called “Gift” will be quite interesting. To participate in this game, the host will need to choose two people. It is desirable that they be a man and a woman. Next, the players need to be given a stick. Directly to the sticks, you will need to attach sufficiently long strings in advance. At the end of this rope, a bundle with a specific gift is tied. After everyone is ready to play the game, the presenter should give a signal and, to the cheerful music, the players will start winding the rope directly on the stick itself. Thus, they will be able to pull the bundle towards them. The participant who can pull the bundle to himself earlier is the winner.

Perfect for anniversaries and such a game as “Association.” Everyone who wants to take part in this game must line up. Further, the presenter must approach each participant and call a specific word. The participant must quickly enough respond to the presenter with a word with which he associates what the presenter said. The participant who is late with the answer is eliminated from the game. The winner in the game is the participant who has never lost his mind in the pronunciation of the associations. The winner will be awarded an incentive prize. It can be a set of glasses or shot glasses.

Anniversary Games

All Games that are held on anniversaries do an excellent job of cheering up everyone invited to the celebration. A contest that will be quite fun is considered quite popular. For such a competition, the host will need to assemble two teams. The captain of each team will be given a bowl containing water. The competition itself is for the participants in the competition to run to the finish line as quickly as possible. A bowl of water should be on their head. But it is allowed to hold it with only one hand. The team that was able to pour enough water from the bowl is the loser, even if it comes to the finish line very first.

It will be very interesting for guests to participate in the competition where champagne is used. Only two men are required for this competition. The host will need to give them a bottle of champagne each. Competitors will need to open the bottle as quickly as possible. The winner in the competition will be the participant who can do it quickly enough. As an incentive prize, the winner must make a congratulatory toast for the birthday person.

Very popular on anniversaries is the competition called “For Brothershaft.” To participate in this competition, you must select two women and men. Further, the presenter should pour two glasses of champagne for the participants. After a special signal is given, the men take the glasses and quickly go to their partners. Male partners should sit at a sufficient distance from them. The winner in this competition will be the couple who can drink champagne from glasses for brotherhood in a short period of time. The winner can be presented with a bottle of champagne as a prize. Such a competition can quickly enough to cheer up everyone who is present at the anniversary.

Games associated with birthday greetings are also considered very popular you may see some great collection of birthday greetings on For example, for one of such competitions, everyone at the table passes a roll of paper in a circle. Each guest should write his birthday wish on it. At the end of this competition, all wishes must be read out loud. The author of the brightest wish will have to receive an incentive prize. It could be a book, a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates, or something else. The Games that are planned to be held at the celebration of the anniversary should be as mobile and fun as possible. Otherwise, the celebration itself can turn into a very boring event. But this must be avoided.

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