The Summer’s Most Beautiful Destination

The Epirus area on the mainland of Greece! Why might you wonder then? If you saw the reality TV show Bachelor on Sjuan or TV4Play this autumn, you know that it’s crazy beautiful here. And whether you are traveling with love or with friends, it is a destination that has it all. Here are six reasons to book a trip right here this summer.

1. Parga – the city that sparkles and crackles

Parga is a picturesque small Greek town with influences from several Mediterranean countries because it historically belonged to Italy, Turkey, and France. Some of the cute houses are Greek white-blue – but if you stand down by the harbor promenade and look up, you are greeted by a real explosion of color; linden green, apricot, lemon yellow, and dove blue.

Parga city is located like an amphitheater down to a lovely harbor promenade where you will find a string of cozy taverns and bars – if you look a little further up in the city, you can get a fantastic view of dinner parties. In the “Old Town,” many cozy and narrow alleys get lost infilled with shops, restaurants, and hidden treasures.

When it gets dark over the city, it is along the harbor promenade that most people move – even though Parga is not a city for party prices, there are lots of cozy bars that are open until the wee hours. And why not stay like Bachelor-David did during the filming and check-in Salvatore Villas & Spa?

2. The Sivota of the Sunsets

The single girls in Bachelor lived here, and that many now want to travel here, we understand very well. Like Parga, Sivota is hilly and very scenic with fantastic views. In addition to the views, here are Greece’s finest sunsets. It is enchanting to see the sunset in the sea while eating a good piece of food at one of the harbor promenade’s cozy restaurants.

3. There is a beach for everyone

In and around Parga there are lots of nice beaches – in the city is Krioneri Beach – perfect for a morning or evening swim, or a full day. From here, you can take a swim over to the small picturesque island of Panagias with two small churches to explore. A 15-minute walk from Parga, past the Venetian fortress, or a boat trip for 2 euros – is Valtos beach, both wide and long and located in scenic surroundings.

The beach is quite shallow, and the sand is soft. If you spend a day here, there are lots of wonderful places to have lunch. A slightly more inaccessible beach is Sarakiniko – to get here you either have to take a boat from the port of Parga city or rent a car – it is because it is a bit hidden which means that there are also fewer people here than on the other beaches.

If you drive along the west coast and have a little patience, you can find your own private and almost untouched beach. 3.5 kilometers south of Parga is the popular Lichnos beach; it is adorable, you can get here most easily by boat or car, but it can also be an adventure to get here on foot over a stately mountain clad in olive trees – here you get guaranteed good beach pictures.

4. The hotels have a unique character and history

Many of the hotels in Parga are family-owned – which gives them their unique character and history. If you take the time to talk to the staff, you can hear the most exciting stories – they tell candidly about both the hotels and Parga’s history. The fact that many hotels are family-owned also means that they are truly nurtured with love – which is incredibly charming! There are no large hotel complexes here – if they are the ones you want, you simply have to go somewhere else.

5. Magic Zagoria

Zagoria is a region still unknown to many in Greece. If you expect white houses with blue shutters, you are completely wrong out there. The mountains are incredibly magnificent and here is also one of the world’s deepest ravines. When the season allows, you can swim in the mountains’ natural pools, go rafting, ride, hike in the mountains, or practice canyoning. In this sport, you combine hiking with swimming and rappelling, which means celebrating with ropes along the cliffs.

6. Close to the Greek island world

When you live in the Epirus area, the Greek island world is never far away. For example, Corfu, Lefkas, Paxos, Antipaxos are close by islands, and you can visit either on a day trip, or maybe you book a night in a hotel and have time to see a little more. The vibrant student city of Ioannina is just an hour away by car, and it is close to southern Albania and the popular tourist resort of Saranda.


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