7 Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a unique experience and a door opener to many opportunities, unique experiences, new international friends, and life memories. In addition to refining the country’s language skills where the language is spoken, you get the opportunity to discover a new country and its culture. Are you still not convinced? Here you will find EF Education’s 7 benefits of studying abroad.

You become more confident

Navigating around a new city with new people and foreign culture in a new language can be a big challenge. Small things such as shopping for food or taking the right bus can be trials for self-confidence and patience. However, after a while, you will feel comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations because you have stepped outside your comfort zone.

You can safely say  “been there done that”

Being part of the locals in your new home in your new city provides a certain benefit. You will discover all the hidden strawberry places, and it is to you your friends turn for advice before traveling.

Your social media feed will stand out from the crowd

Share your adventure with your friends! During your journey, you will, without a doubt, experience the majority of “install moments,” for example, during one of the many restaurant visits, when you do sightseeing in your new city or graduate with your new classmates. Your flow will be new and exciting, as well as inspire others to dare to step out into the world.

You get an international circle of friends

During a trip abroad you will meet new people; the majority are certainly born and raised in the country you are in, but you will also meet people from other parts of the world. Hopefully, some of all the meetings are the beginning of lifelong friendships. Who knows, in a few months you might even have a new best friend from another country that you can go and visit when your studies are over?

You become a pro at navigating

Whether you will take the subway in New York or the bus in Los Angeles, you will become a pro at navigating your new hometown. Remember that it is by making mistakes that we learn.

You open up for an international career

In today’s competitive labor market, a good education is not always enough to win the dream job. Today, a mix of education, experience, and language skills is needed to stand out among all hungry candidates. Studying abroad is a good springboard to an international career. In addition to fluency in the language, you will return home with expanded views, insight into other cultures, and a wider network of contacts.

You will feel like a world citizen

In an increasingly globalized world, it is an asset to feel at home everywhere. Most people are both nervous and excited before leaving, but after a few days at the destination, almost everyone feels that they are starting to appreciate their new home. You will eventually feel like a world citizen. A feeling that you will value more and more with each passing day during your time abroad.

I hope these seven benefits of studying abroad have been helpful. Are you interested in studying abroad? You can now compete for a language scholarship worth SEK 20,000 sponsored by EF in collaboration with Mecenat. EF offers CSN-eligible language courses to 54 destinations worldwide. Departure every Monday. The travel duration from 2 weeks up to a full year.


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