What Are the Different Types of Exercise Machines, and What Is Their Focus?

The exercise machines can be divided into 7 different main types. Treadmills, walk bands, exercise bike, spinning cake l, cross trainer, and rowing machine. The walking belt can be said to be a slimmed-down version of the treadmill that is most suitable for walking on. The spinning bike is a special version of the exercise bike that is better suited for hard training than the exercise bike. In the same way, the stacking machine is a special version of the rowing machine.

The treadmill, the rowing machine, and the spinning bike are mainly focused on cardio training.

Each exercise machine has its characteristics; some are more specialized than others, such as treadmills and treadmills. Then there are exercise machines that provide both good cardio and muscle training, such as rowing machines, stacking machines, and cross-trainers.


The treadmill is branch-specific and is aimed at those of you who intend to train running or to walk. The benefits of running on a treadmill at home instead of outdoors are many. During the dark and cold half of the year, indoor running offers both security and comfort. You avoid the slipperiness, the darkness, and the colder temperature.

Benefits of treadmills

For exercisers with easily irritated airways, outdoor running often means poorer performance compared to running indoors. In the summer, it is pollen problems that are the cause, while in the winter, it instead causes cold and dry air, which is harder to breathe in.

Also, some workouts are better suited to a treadmill than outdoors. Workouts, where you raise and lower the incline, are much easier to perform on treadmills, such as downhill intervals. This is because you become independent because there are slopes of the right type at the right place. Another example is a treadmill where you want to run at a predetermined speed; you easily set the desired speed on your treadmill.

Things to think about before buying

Before buying a treadmill, make sure you have enough space. Treadmills are heavy and can be lumpy to stow away. If you live in an apartment, you also need to consider neighbors who live below; the thumps from each running step can be heard louder than you might think. You can also check that the treadmill has the characteristics you are asking for. For example, that speed, acceleration, and incline correspond to which running sessions you want to run. A more expensive treadmill is usually heavier and has significantly better cushioning, the ability to increase and decrease speed faster, and several training programs.

Assembly and placement

Treadmills are often easy to assemble, and they are usually delivered in a large package. However, we would like to raise a warning finger that they can be very heavy, and machine weights of over 100 kg are not uncommon for a premium treadmill. You then need to be at least two strong people to safely lift the treadmill to the desired location.

Walking band

This type of exercise band is very similar to the treadmill but in a scaled-down version. Unlike the treadmill, the treadmill is smaller to the surface, lighter, and cheaper. Some walking straps can be folded up and stowed away. More advanced models have simpler training programs and heart rate receivers. If you know you that you will only walk and that you have a limited area available, then it can be an excellent alternative to choose a treadmill instead of a treadmill. Just like treadmills, treadmills are also easy to assemble. They are not as heavy, but for safety’s sake, it is often good to be two when you move it.


A cross trainer may be an ideal choice if you are searching for a gentle fitness machine that provides aerobic and muscle training. The movement pattern is similar to cross-country skiing, which means that it is kind to the knees and leads while providing effective training for the whole body. The cross trainer is just like the treadmill, heavy and difficult to stow away. This means that you should make sure that you have enough space where the exercise machine is intended to be used.

Things to think about before buying

You should decide how much money you want to invest and whether the cross trainer should be rear-wheel or front-wheel drive. A rear-wheel-drive cross trainer gets a slightly higher q-factor, which means that the legs end up slightly wider apart compared to a front-wheel-drive cross-trainer. It puts more strain on the legs, and the movement pattern can be more similar to Nordic walking. With the flywheel forward, the legs end up closer to each other, which leads to less strain on the knees and joints and a step movement that is more similar to cross-country skiing. Most cross trainers are equipped with various training programs and heart rate monitors. The cross trainer is suitable for you looking for a gentle exercise machine for effective training, whether the goal is a fat-burning, improved fitness, or more trimmed muscles.

Assembly and placement

A cross trainer is usually delivered in a large package and is relatively easy to assemble. A normal-handed person with a well-stocked toolbox can do this on their own, but expect it to take a couple of hours. The cross trainer’s larger parts are usually pre-assembled; left to assemble are arms, pedals, and training console. We recommend that you mount it near the place where it is to be used as it is usually heavy and awkward to carry.

Rowing machine

This is the exercise machine for you who want to improve your fitness while you want to trim your muscles. The rowing movement is very gentle on the body simultaneously as it activates all major muscle groups. This means that rowing training is an excellent form of training for both cardio and muscle training.

Important with the right technology

To get the most out of the training, we strongly recommend that you spend time learning the right rowing technique. It decreases the chance of injuries thus increasing the success of your exercise. There are many good instructional videos on Youtube that pedagogically show what a rowing movement should look like.

The rowing machine is the training machine for you who are looking for a complete training tool for both cardio and muscle training. There is a big difference between the rowing machines in the lower price ranges and those in the premium segment. Because the difference is so great, we recommend that you avoid the very cheapest models and add a few thousand bucks to get instead a much better machine that lasts for many years.

Assembly and placement

A decisive advantage for many for the rowing machine is that it usually does not take up much space. Everything you can bear in mind is that there is still a very high noise level in the versions that only provide air resistance, corresponding to a vacuum cleaner. This can be annoying if you or others, for example, want to watch TV during training. The rowing machine is usually delivered in one or two packages. The most complicated parts are usually pre-assembled, which means that a layperson can easily assemble what is left on their own.

Exercise bike

The exercise bike is the most classic exercise machine for the home and is still very popular among home users. No wonder it is, as the exercise bike has several features that make it an excellent training tool and suitable for home use. The exercise bike trains the heart and lungs as well as the legs and buttocks. Also, it is an efficient calorie burner and probably the type of exercise machine that takes up the least space.

Thanks to its variable resistance, the exercise bike can be used for both light and heavy training. As the bicycle frame supports the user’s body weight, the knees and joints are spared compared to walking or running. This makes the exercise bike extra popular among the overweight and elderly but also in rehabilitation. The exercise bike is also very popular to use for warming up before strength training. The bike comes in a package and is easy to assemble. Usually, the tools needed are included in the package.

Spinning bike

A spinning bike is a sportier and a little tougher variant of an exercise bike. It is designed to withstand higher loads, enable faster movement between different positions, and be able to implement many resistance changes. It usually has more options for saddle and handlebars than an exercise bike has, and the resistance is usually regulated manually.

The spinning bike has become increasingly popular in the home as it is possible to conduct leader-led spinning sessions online. It is primarily designed to run intense cycling sessions focusing on cardio and leg and torso strength. Spinning sessions are often based on varying positions and resistance frequently through the training session.

The spinning bike is perhaps mainly for you who are used to cycling on country roads or usually run guided spinning sessions at the gym. Like with the exercise bike, it is delivered in a package, and you can easily screw together the spinning bike on your own.


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